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2020-02-08 12:01 pm

This is an RP journal!

Should you need to contact the mun:

E-mail: quandtuniverse@yahoo.com.br OR crazy_cookie_13@yahoo.com.br
MSN: quandtuniverse@yahoo.com.br
AIM: quandtuniverse13

Please leave any comments regarding Prussia or the way I am playing him here. I'll be very thankful for any critique I receive!

Character Info:
This is an RP account for Prussia, from Axis Powers Hetalia.

However, he's AU. He was based off of this prompt from the kink meme.

So, sometime after the reunification of Germany, he became the personification of the Internet. How this happened is still a mystery. The impact on his character:

+He still answers to the name Prussia. Also his human name, Gilbert Beilschmidt.
+He answers to the name Internet, or any variations. (Net, Web, Interwebs, Intertubes, etc)
+His personality is essentially the same, although there are some deviations from canon.
+He will occasionally slip into chatspeak, lolspeak, or 1337. This might manifest itself as using acronyms such as LOL instead of laughing, for instance.
+He will use internet memes, newer and outdated ones.
+When provoked, his retribution can be BRUTAL.
+He understands programming language. Mun, however, does not, so go easy on him.
+He speaks binary code when he wants to be cryptic.
+He remembers all of his past history and misses being a country, but he enjoys the power the Internet gave him.